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Get Started in a career in Logistics with The Courier Academy

Finding a job can be difficult, but it does not need to be.

The Courier Academy has created a simple three step process to help you find a career in Warehousing, Sales and Logistics.
The logistics industry in Australia is growing at a rapid rate with online business as well as unforeseen circumstances such as Covid, have changed how business and consumers interact forever.

Change is a marathon,
not a sprint.

Meaningful, sustainable change is a series of small, manageable steps, that added up, take you to where you need to be.


The Courier Academy is there to help you get there.


Integrated logistics in Australia industry statistics:

• Market size $90 billion plus
• Number of businesses 84003
• Industry employment 279,000
How to maximise my earning potential and desirability in the logistic space.


The continual transformation of how consumers and business interact has led to an unstoppable movement of products around the around.
The digital age has made the logistics, Transport and warehousing industry an unstoppable juggernaut with a continual need for more human resource.
Step - 1
Time to find a new job, The Courier Academy can help you by providing training within the following Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) courses.
Essential Business Training has companies in need of skilled staff in the Logistics Industry and potentially make you more appealing for employment if you hold one of these tailored courses.
The courses on offer to assist you are:
1. Transport & Logistics
TLI30319 Certificate III
in Supply Chain Operations.
2. Business Certificate
BSB30115 Certificate III
in Business Sales & Marketing.
3. Transport & Logistics Course
TLI31616 Certificate III
in Warehousing Operations.
These courses are proven to assist you in providing you the best possible employment outcome in the logistics and warehousing space. The Courier Academy can provide the training throughout Australia at our designated campuses.
Step - 2
The Courier Academy has decades of experience in navigating what is fair and reasonable as well as a great understanding about compliance for all operators. Our staff are courteous and approachable and have a wealth of experience and will take the time to advise you. Once you become a member of the Courier Academy you will be invited to join our Open Days with Service Providers within the industry. It will give you an opportunity to meet your potential future employers and ask all pointed and relevant questions to help you make informed and decisions for your future.
We assist you with understanding the interview process in the digital world. The goal at the Courier Academy is to provide you the skills to succeed in building your career. 
A SWOT analysis (Strengths, weaknesses opportunities and threats) is a great way to work out where your skills and experiences lie.
Branding yourself online and in real life :
  • Creating the right impression.
  • Identifying your weaknesses and areas for improvement.
  • Preparing an elevator orchestra to sell yourself on the spot.
Step - 3
Making sure that you are competent and proficient in understanding how to run your own company, being a contractor as well as being an employee. The Courier Academy helps by giving you the best opportunity to navigate a competitive and tricky industry. We have onsite professionals in our Sydney headquarters that can advise you with any legal, accounting and compliance concerns.
Placement within the logistics industry will require you to be ready and able ace behavioural interview questions. We have a methodology that we provide you to follow so that you will be prepared for any potential curveballs that may arise.
The Courier Academy also has direct relationships with the majority of motor vehicle brands and suppliers. The relationship that we have will ensure that you receive the right vehicle for the right price with all the necessary livery and equipment required for commencement. The Courier Academy generally has an assortment of vehicles to test drive to see if it is right fit for you.

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The Courier Academy is here to simplify the process of entering or changing roles within the Logistics industry.
We are friendly, approachable and most importantly have your best interests at heart as it is beneficial for us to achieve placement results.

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